Friday, 11 December 2015

Venus and the Moon, Conjunction of Dec 6, 2015 (via an iPad)

Here are some photos of Venus and the crescent moon, on the morning of December 7, 2015, about an hour before sunrise. As you can see, they were very close, the moon almost occulting (getting in front of) Venus. That probably happened later that morning.
Since the moon is about half a degree across, eyeing it up, it looks like the separation can’t be more than a tenth of a degree or less.
As usual, these iPad pictures have some spillover from the target pixels to surrounding pixels, with the relatively long exposures. That makes the crescent moon look much larger than it is, and also exagerates the size of Venus.

Jupiter has also been very prominent, about 30 degrees to the left and up from Venus. Mars was about half way between Venus and Jupiter, and the bright star Spica was also more or less in the same alignment.
Here’s a screenshot from the computer program Stellarium, showing that alignment. It’s a rendering by the program, not an actual photo (iPad or otherwise).

The next picture is taken a bit later in the moringing, closer to sunrise. Mostly, the clouds just give a moodier photo. The moon is not quite as filled in, and Venus is a bit smaller.

The next picture is a little later, after sunrise. The iPad exposure is shorter, so fewer pixels get activated, and the crescent moon is much closer to its naked eye appearance. Similarly, Venus is much more accurately rendered.
Here they are the next morning. You can just make out the crescent moon, in the bottom left of the photo.  I changed the contrast in that part of the picture, in an effort to make it a bit easier to see - that's why the bottom left looks funny. Venus is still quite bright, in the top right hand corner.

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