Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Get in the Christmas Spirit with a Christmas-themed Short Story – Miranda and the Not-Chrismas Elf

“A Christmas Carol” and “The Gift of the Magi” are great, but sometimes the Christmas spirit needs to be refreshed by something more up-to-date.  Christmas short stories by Helena Puumala are just the ticket to recapture Christmas magic, for children and adults.

“Miranda and the Not-Christmas Elf” will be free on Amazon from Dec 24 to Dec 28 (otherwise, it is 99 cents).  It’s a short story about a little girl, who is troubled by bullies and family problems between her parents, who needs a little Christmas magic to help her overcome her fears.

Product Description

The little pre-school girl, Miranda, is feeling unsafe because of bullies in the neighbourhood and family troubles between her mother and father. Can her friend, young elementary grade age Nathan, use his special powers to call on the North Pole for some Christmas Eve magic, to help her out?

The story is a heartwarming Christmas tale, suitable for children and adults, which will bring a little Christmas magic to us all. It is about 9000 words, or around an hour or so, at typical reading speeds.

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