Tuesday, 24 November 2015

It's Time to Start Planning Next Summer's Awesome Hiking Adventure

It's late November, and in my neck of the woods, we just had our first big snowfall. It's pretty, but not conducive to hiking and backpacking (well, other than skiing and snowshoeing, but those are quite a different matters). So, it's a good time to start thinking about next year's awesome hiking and backpacking trip (even if you don't get beautiful snowfalls). :)

And, speaking from experience, the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail on Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada fits the bill nicely, when thinking of an amazing oudoors trip. But don't take my word for it, read the summary below: 
The Juan De Fuca Marine is considered by many to be one of Canada’s finest hiking trails. It hugs the southwestern shore of Vancouver Island, between Jordan River and Port Renfrew for a distance of about 48 kilometres. Like its (perhaps) more famous neighbouring hiking trail just to the north, The West Coast Trail, it features both beach and forest hiking along a rugged coastline. The hiking is a nice test of one’s fitness, the views are spectacular, the wildlife (marine and forest) is plentiful and the people are friendly. What more could one ask for?

What follows is a journal of a five day trip, taken in early September of 2002. It is about 13,000 words in length (60 to 90 minutes reading), and contains numerous photographs of the trail. There are also sections containing a brief history of the trail, geology, flora and fauna, and associated information.

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