Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Free this week on Amazon - The Witches' Stones Book One: Rescue from the Planet of the Amartos

Free this week on Amazon - The Witches' Stones Book One: Rescue from the Planet of the Amartos

Helena Puumala's Science Fiction Romance novel "The Witches' Stones Book One: Rescue from the Planet of the Amartos" will be free on Amazon this Wednesday through Sunday (Novermber 11 to November 15, 2015). 
The book is set in the middle future, a time when the Milky Way galaxy is rife with political intrigue, espionage, clandestine action, and danger. Heroine Sarah Mackenzie and hero Coryn Leigh must battle the shadowy force known as The Organization, on behalf of the Terra Confederation and the Witches of Kordea (who are a race of beautiful and powerful psychic aliens). The Organization has its sights on a weapon that could upset the fragile balance of power, allowing its political paymasters to control the galaxy with a deadly and ruthless efficiency. Sarah is the key around which the action and romance swirls.
The novel is about 100,000 words, or 250 pages. It is the first book in the Witches' Stones series; Book 2 is also available, published in May, 2015. Book 3 will follow in the next few months.
The book has a beautiful new cover, featuring a backdrop painted by artist Leona Olausen, of a soft gamma repeater (a type of dangerous neutron star), which represents a pivotal scene in the book.
Links to the book and the book summary are below.

Witches’ Stones Book One – Rescue from the Planet of the Amartos
Sarah Mackenzie had trained as a space ship mechanic at the Space Port of her home city on Earth. She left Earth to explore the galaxy, and, some months later, landed a dream assignment, to become the ship mechanic of an Explorer ship, the Beth 117.
The Beth was on its way to a planet at the edge of the galaxy, where its crew members were to search for the Witches’ Stones, or amartos, the mysterious crystals, which the Witches of the world, Kordea, use to channel and augment their psychic energies.  Sarah has no idea that she, herself, happens to be Stone-sensitive, just like the Witches are.
Under perilous circumstances, she comes across the cache of the Stones which the Explorers are looking for, and, unwittingly, “keys” them, igniting a psychic blaze that attracts the attention of The Organization, the implacable foe of the Terra Confederation, the centuries-old star-spanning government of most of the human race, and its non-human allies. To make use of amarto-energy, The Organization needs, not just the Stones, but also amarto-sensitive individuals whom they enslave to the devices which they have developed in their pursuit of galactic domination. Thus, they want not just the cache of Stones; they also want Sarah.
To forestall galactic war, rescuers, from a counter-intelligence group, known as The Agency, are sent to the Planet of the Amartos. A fast scoutship, manned by an Agent and a Pilot, must try to fetch Sarah and the amartos, bringing them to a safe haven among the Kordean Witches.
Sarah, herself, has to deal with serious conflicts. In the psychic realm she must choose between The Organization and the Kordean Witches, while retaining mastery over her own mind. In the physical reality, she has become the centre of an armed battle between the Terran scoutship and a military task force sent by The Organization to capture her and the Stones. Her determination to keep control of her own self sends her into unexplored mental realities, while exciting but dangerous physical events swirl around her and the crew of the scoutship, Camin.
To further complicate things, she senses within herself, the beginnings of an attraction to the handsome Agent sent to rescue her. However, she’s merely a naive young woman from Earth; surely, her hopes are beyond realization....

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