Tuesday, 22 September 2015

"The Witches' Stones Book Two: Love and Intrigue Under the Seven Moons of Kordea" is on Kindle Countdown

Helena Puumala's Science Fiction novel "The Witches' Stones Book Two: Love and Intrigue Under the Seven Moons of Kordea" is on Kindle Countdown, beginning tomorrow (Wed, Sept 23) and ending on Sept 30.  That means that the book will be $0.99 for the first two days, $1.99 for the next two days, and $2.99 after that, before going back to the regular price of $3.99.

It's an action packed SF novel, a blend of space opera, paranormal, and with a touch of romance.  Book Three is being written by Helena currently.

Summary of the Story:

The feisty, ESP-talented Earth woman Sara Mackenzie has arrived on the anomalous planet Kordea to take up studies in Witch-lore, among the race of wise women on that planet, known as the Circle Witches of Kordea. The Terra Confederation Agent, Coryn Leigh, who helped her to escape the clutches of the authoritarian enemies of the democratic Terra Confederation, has also arrived on Kordea, taking on the diplomatic posting of the Kordean-Terran Liaison Officer. His duties include helping the Witches to keep Sarah and the cache of ESP-enhancing gems known as amartos, or Witches' Stones, safe from their enemy’s hands. That adversary, known sometimes as The Organization, will stop at nothing in their attempts to grab the Stones and an ESP-capable human, in order to gain the ultimate power with which to take over the inhabited galaxy. 

It is not long before the planet Kordea comes under attack. The Organization turns their latest weapon upon the planet and its unusual moon, Lina. That moon is nearly wrested out of its orbit - only the emergency interventions of Sarah and her colleagues can prevent planet-wide catastrophe. 

It becomes clear that Sarah, Coryn, and others, including the Witches of Kordea, must undertake a risky project involving an undercover mission to destroy this threatening super-weapon, in order to safeguard Kordea and the peace of the galaxy.

At the same time Sarah and Coryn have to deal with their growing attraction to one another. Coryn is in a conflict-of-interest position, since he has taken on a guardianship role toward Sarah, necessitated by his new, diplomatic position. Sarah, on her part, must struggle with self-doubts: about her looks, her worth, even her identity—although not about her ESP abilities, which are considerable. They must struggle with their personal dilemmas, even while trying to counter the enormous threat to the democratic way of life of the humanity of the galaxy.

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