Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Lunar Eclipse with An iPad

Here are some lunar eclipse photos from Sept 27, taken from my iPad.  The regular camera battery died at a most inopportune time, so I had to depend on the iPad.  But iPad astrophotography is an art in and of itself.

The diagrams of the Earth's shadow, moon, and timing of the eclipse are from the website:

You can experiment on this site, for other eclipse dates and locations.  It's fun.

At 8:47, nearly dead center of totality.  The moon barely came through in the iPad photo, needed a fair bit of brightness and contrast pushing:

At 9:07, still in totality but moving towards the edge of the Earth's shadow.  Moon is brighter, but still very red.:

At 9:18, almost out of the Earth's shadow, very close to the edge.  Moon is brighter, now seeing a bit of brighter light on the edge of the moon.:

At 9:24, moon just broke out of the Earth's shadow, now see "dawn" breaking on the side of the moon:

And here's an SF book in which a moon plays a critical role:

The Witches' Stones Book Two - Love and Intrigue Under the Seven Moons of Kordea



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