Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Where the Apple Falls, free on Amazon Wednesday to Sunday

As part of the kickoff to Amazon Unlimited, Helena Puumala's short fiction piece Where the Apple Falls will be free on Amazon this week, as a Kindle ebook.

This short story (approx. 6500 words) focuses on the complex and somewhat troubled relations between children, parents, and grandparents. It also revolves around the mysterious forces of the universe, including the various notions of the divine held by the people in the story, which sometimes conflict, much as they do in the world in general. An Easter service and a freshly planted apple tree draw the parties together, over one fateful Easter weekend.
The story is set in a Northern Ontario lake community, and continues to explore the setting and characters introduced in “Love at the Lake” and “The Boathouse Christ”, also by Helena Puumala.

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