Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Boathouse Chist, free on Amazon Wednesday to Sunday

As part of the kickoff to Amazon Unlimited, Helena Puumala's short fiction piece The Boathouse Christ will be free on Amazon this week, as a Kindle ebook.

A teenage girl inadvertently materializes the image of a Christ on the Cross on the outside wall of her parents’ boathouse, at their cottage on a Northern Ontario lake. She spends hours praying to the figure while her parents and their neighbours express their distress. Then it is discovered that the girl, Terese, also has marks on her body, recreating the wounds of the Christ.
What is to be done?
A neighbouring girl offers her help, along with that of Terese’s psychic grandmother, demonstrating to her parents that she, indeed, as she gently claims, has some interesting talents, although Terese is the one who has truly rare abilities, but ones that she is afraid of. The families of both girls learn something about themselves, and about each other during the uncanny events of one (or perhaps two) October weekends, including Hallowe’en.


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