Thursday, 30 May 2013

Imagine that you had a Magic Wine Glass

Imagine that you had a Magic Wine Glass

Imagine that you had a magic wine glass, that would instantly fill up whenever you pushed a button that was conveniently located on the glass.  The wine might come from anywhere in the world – from a great vineyard in France to a small operation in  Argentina.  Indeed, it might even come from a neighbor’s saskatoon berry orchard.  Whatever your whim, there was probably a wine to satisfy it.

Not only that, but you could get a small sample of that wine for free, before making your purchase.  And in most cases, the wine was less expensive than wine you purchased from a grocery or liquor store.  And as far as the bottle goes – no deposit, no return since there is no bottle.

It would be hard for a liquor store to compete with that.  Sure, they would tell you that their buyers provided  curation, culling down the list of wines that you might buy to a precious few that they had personally vetted for you.  They might also say that their clerks provided an invaluable service, advising you of the best wines to go with each meal.  They might even tell you that the sound of the clinking bottle and smell of the cork were vital parts of the wine drinking experience.  Last, but not least, they would tell you that a shelf full of wine bottles (full and empty) was the sign of a cultured person.

The reality was that you drove to the liquor store, fighting traffic in order to get to a location with a limited selection of wines, many of which you didn’t really care for.  More often than not, you dealt with a poorly paid, harried and harassed clerk who didn’t really care for wine at all.  And finally, you hauled heavy bottles home, then hauled them somewhere else to dispose of them once they were empty.

Well, that’s a long segue into the difference between the kindle (or kobo) ebook and the paper book at the bookstore.  It seems hard to believe that the wine store could long compete with the magic wine glass and it seems hard to believe that the paper bookstore can long compete with online ebook store.

Speaking of wine, you might enjoy a glass of Sickle Island Red from  the Drowned Planet of Terra Book One:

Or perhaps  one of the Carmack Estate wines from the planet of Vultaire of Kati of Terra Book Two:

Or a glass of Galactic Gardens White Wine with Sarah and Coryn on Space Station RES of The Witches Stones:



  1. I swear on a case of Puligny Montrachet, I did NOT see this before my own oenophilic post.

  2. I have no doubt of that - it's common enough for the same metaphor to occur to people independently. Your post was more about the content of the wine, while mine was about the delivery system. It's always nice to see people enjoying both wine and books.