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The Witches’ Stones Book 3: Revenge of the Catspaw, Free on Amazon

The Witches’ Stones Book 3: Revenge of the Catspaw, Free on Amazon

This week, Oct 31 to Nov 4 2018, “The Witches’ Stones Book 3: Revenge of the Catspaw” is free on Amazon.
So, go on a free romantic science fiction adventure with Terran Confederation agents Sarah Mackenzie and Coryn Leigh as they attack their enemy head-on, on its home planet, in order to preserve the peace of the galaxy and their own romantic relationship.

Witches’ Stones Book Three – Revenge of the Catspaw

In this, the third and final book of The Witches' Stones saga, the attractive part human-part Kordean Witch psychic Sarah Mackenzie and the handsome Terran Confederation agent Coryn Leigh face some profound dangers and challenges, some personal and some that span the galaxy.
As the book opens, Sarah and Coryn pledge their love in a Kordean marriage ceremony. That ceremony contains both a blessing and a curse, and the ultimate working out of that blessing and curse will prove instrumental in resolving both of their fates.
Coryn finds himself a prisoner of the corrupt Elites of The Organization, the people who call themselves the Neotsarians, an authoritarian empire whose rulers consider themselves the natural overlords of the Milky Way galaxy. He becomes a “catspaw”, bait to lure Sarah into their hands, in their continuing quest to use her psychic powers to augment a deadly super-weapon, one that is capable of ensuring that they can rule the galaxy. Against his will, he also becomes the plaything of “Evil Evilla Copoz”, perhaps the most unsavoury of the Neotsarian elites.
In the first book of the trilogy, Coryn has to rescue Sarah from a terrible fate. This time, it is Sarah who must try to save him from Evil Evilla, while avoiding falling into the trap that the Neotsarians have set for her. She, along with a group of willing, adventurous associates, must infiltrate Neotsarian space in order to attempt a spectacular rescue, not just of Coryn, but of others who have been enslaved even as he has been. The Blessing and Curse hang over all of the characters in the story, with a twist that truly reflects the “revenge of the Catspaw”, in all of its multiple meanings.
Beyond the pure adventure story, is a deeply emotional story of love and recovery. Coryn and Sarah must undergo trials both physical and psychological, in order to keep their love alive through the most appalling of circumstances and the most harrowing of memories. Fortunately, they have the power of the Blessing and the Curse to help them through the ordeal, as well as their own very considerable inner strengths.
The novel is about 115,000 words, about 8 to 10 hours reading at typical reading speeds. It is the final book of the trilogy, at least for now, although writer Helena Puumala has “kept the door open” to perhaps pursue new adventures in Sarah and Coryn's universe at a later date.

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