Thursday, 13 April 2017

Free for Easter on Kindle - Holiday Stories

Helena Puumala's Easter story "Where the Apple Falls", free for the Easter weekend on Amazon

Helena Puumala's Easter short story "Where the Apple Falls", will be free for the Easter weekend on Amazon (normally 99 cents).  To be precise, that would be the five day period from Thursday April 13 to Monday April 17, 2017. 

This short story (approx. 6500 words) focuses on the complex and somewhat troubled relations between children, parents, and grandparents.  It also revolves around the mysterious forces of the universe, including the various notions of the divine held by the people in the story, which sometimes conflict, much as they do in the world in general.  An Easter service and a freshly planted apple tree draw the parties together, over one fateful Easter weekend.

Three Holiday Stories Plus One

The story is the middle story of a 3 story holiday cycle,  set in a Northern Ontario lake community, that explores some spiritual and family themes, concerning conflict, forgiveness, acceptance and love.  The cycle begins with "The Boathouse Christ" (Halloween), continues in "Where the Apple Falls" (Easter) and concludes with "A Christmas Miracle at the Lake" (Christmas).   The three stories have been bundled together into one volume, with an additional bonus short story.   That volume is called “Three Holiday Stories Plus One”, and is available for free this Easter weekend as well (normally $2.99).

In the Western World, three holidays dominate the imagination - Christmas, Easter and Halloween. They occur at critical times of the year, mid-Winter, Spring and late Autumn, and deal with the very deep issues of life, death and new life (or continuing life). These stories pick up on those themes, via several families who grapple with strange events and their spiritual and paranormal significance, though the ordering is a bit different than the conventional one. The first story is set at Halloween and details a young girls awakening knowledge of her paranormal and spiritual energies. The next story is set at Easter and introduces religious and ethical tensions, and the promise of rebirth. The last story is set at Christmas, and deals with the theme of how life can overcome death, and forgiveness and acceptance can overcome bigotry. A bonus story also deals with the life and death issues. especially how different people deal with grief.

Together, the stories come to about 25,000 words, or two to three hours at typical reading speeds.

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