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Kati of Terra Book Two - Assignment to the Planet of the Exalted - on Kindle Countdown this week

Kati of Terra Book Two - Assignment to the Planet of the Exalted - on Kindle Countdown this week

"Kati of Terra Book Two - Assignment to the Planet of the Exalted" is on a Kindle Countdown deal this week (Jan 27, 2016 to Jan 31, 2016) in the U.S. and U.K. Amazon stores.  That means that the price is reduced during this time period - for example, for the next couple of days it will be 99 cents.  After that, it goes to 1.99, then 2.99, until it reaches the regular price of 3.99, and the sale is over.


Here's the summary:

After narrowly escaping the pursuit of the slave trader Gorsh on Makros III, the Drowned Planet, Kati of Terra has arrived on the planet Lamania, the home world of her alien companion and fellow escapee, Mikal r’ma Trodden. The bureaucracy of the Lamanian Social Services, however, insists that the two be separated for half-a-Lamanian year, to ensure that this Wilder woman is not being exploited by her more urbane lover, who is also a Star Federation agent. In principle a worthy policy, it has left Kati without Mikal’s company while dealing with the loss of her connection to her young son Jake, and the knowledge that she will never be able to return home to Earth.

While exploring her new environment, she is confronted with the realization that Gorsh has spread his tentacles into the Star Federation. She identifies and rescues a young victim of the slave trade, using knowledge gained during her and Mikal’s period of captivity on Gorsh’s ship.

She agrees to take the lead role in an undercover investigation of the venerable Federation planet, Vultaire, which seems to be implicated in the lawlessness. Apparently the members of the planet’s upper class, known as the Exalted Citizens, have grown corrupt, some of them even taking up slave-ownership, alongside numerous other vices. With three companions, Kati forms the Unofficial Investigative Team into the Conditions on the Planet Vultaire. The team members make their way, clandestinely, there, and undertake their investigation while posing as an itinerant Entertainment Troupe. Secretly, they make common cause with the downtrodden locals, including elements of the resistance to the oligarchy.

Meanwhile, Mikal, the Federation agent, is sent to explore the Xeonsaur connection to the slave trade. It has to do with a captive member of the lizard species who has been forced to navigate Slaver Gorsh’s space ship through vast distances during its slave-snatching operations. Mikal too must make common cause; he does so with a beautiful female of the reptilian/humanoid race, the life-partner to the unhappy Xeonsaur captive.

Kati and Mikal must make their separate ways and overcome separate obstacles and dangers, before re-uniting in the struggle on Vultaire. Their reunion as battlers against the slave trade coincides with the end of their forced separation, ushering in a time of new connection. However, together on Vultaire, they need all the resources and ingenuity that they and their companions have, to stay alive, and to help heal the Vultairian society, as well as the very planet itself from the sickness that the corruptions have caused.

This is a full-length novel of about 260,000 words (equivalent to a paperback of about 500 pages). Please note that the Kati of Terra novels are written so that they can be read as stand-alone books. Kati of Terra Book 2 can be enjoyed by readers who have not yet read Kati of Terra Book 1. Naturally, we encourage people to read both novels to experience all the adventure and romance of the Kati of Terra series.

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