Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Two views of the moon

"The concentration of the Circle of Twelve broke.  As usual, Marlyss, the Eldest, was the first one to stir and to return to the reality of the tower room.  She slipped her green and gold jewel back under the folds of her robe and arose.  Walking stiffly after the long period sitting on a cushion on the floor, she crossed the room to one of unshuttered southern windows and stared down at the  moonlit countryside.  Four of the seven moons were in the sky and one more was set to rise soon.  Three moons were near full; the fourth was a crescent in the east. 

The night was a bright one, for the three largest of the seven moons were all full tonight.  That included Lina, which rose in the south and set in the north.  She was known as the Protectress of travellers, and was considered by those of Ferhil Stones to be the thirteenth of the Circle of Twelve."

From The Witches' Stones - Rescue from the  Planet of the Amartos. 

The Earth may not have seven moons, like the planet Kordea does, but it can take on quite different appearances.

This view was taken by a member of the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society - he was at an educational display at the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market a while back, showing some of the images that he had taken.

 This is one I took, a few years ago, with a 130 mm Newtonian, if I recall correctly.

She does look kind of different.

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  1. Author's note about the quote: This seems to be from an older version of what I've been calling Sarahone. I revised the information about the moon, Lina, to be more scientifically correct, placing it at the L2 point and rising, always full, at sunset. Dale helped with that, of course, even as the Witches help to keep Lina in place. That last becomes important in Sarahtwo, which will be available soon.