Monday, 8 September 2014

Kati of Terra Book 3 - Print on Demand proof now being reviewed, and a bit of advice.

After a few tries, we finally got the Kati 3 cover to be accepted by Createspace.  It's an interesting to see what a small change can do, and worth keeping in mind for anyone who is working on a print on demand (POD).

Here's a version that was rejected:

Here's a version that was accepted:

It was just a matter of moving the "Dodecahedron Books" text up from near the bottom of the page, to the bottom right hand corner.  CreateSpace is touchy about things being near the edge of the page.  The latter cover is supposed to have a better scanning flow, as well (i.e. from NW to SE, which is the way English speakers read).

There is still some proof-reading of the text to do, before releasing it.

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