Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Portal for Souls - Art Installation by Leona Olausen and partners

A Portal for Souls would be a good title for an SF novel, but in this case it refers to an art installation, based on Celtic mythology, by Leona Olausen and two partners.  They won first prize - a decent amount of money in the judged competition and the people's choice in the voting competiton.

Leona is the artist that has done a number of our covers, notably the Kati of Terra and Witches' Stones novels and the short story The Summer Cottage Mystery.  Her partners in this were Sharon Fostermoore and Wanda Resek.

Here are some links to the work - to a photo album (12 pics) and a video (about 2 and a half minutes, with some nice soft music accompaning it).!/DodecahedronBooks/photos/a.357246777766193.1073741841.184710518353154/357246791099525/?type=1&theater

Here's Leona's artwork on Kati 1, which I think is a smoking great cover, and lots of people seem to agree.

She also has work on Seeme and other art sites, such as Visual Arts of Alberta.

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