Sunday, 4 August 2013

More on beta readers - A Review of Kati of Terra, Book 2 by Beta Reader Ken

Our previous blog post was about the value and importance of beta readers. Here’s a post that picks up on that theme a bit, with an example of a beta reader’s input, in the form of a review of Kati 2 (written by Ken, one of our key beta readers, who kindly supplied it to us for this blog post). Note that we had various forms of input from all of our beta reviewers throughout the process of writing and editing the novel, including Ken - this is his summing up of the book:

Kati of Terra Book Two: On Assignment To The Planet Of The Exalted

Novel written by Helena Puumala

This is a science fiction that deals with the unacceptable practices of slavery and abuse occurring on the planet Vultaire(the planet of the exalted). Vultaire is a world dominated by a small group of powerful clans known as the exalted. These clans have maintained complete control over their populations for centuries and corruption is rampant in the ruling classes.

Kati uncovers child abuse involving a Vultarian couple that have traveled to the Lamanian world that she is living on. She uses her considerable influence to request an investigation into suspected slavery and other abuses on the planet Vultaire.

A commission is set up to investigate conditions on the planet of the exalted and Kati and her team are sent in to gather information and work with the locals to bring about the changes needed to end the rule of tyranny.

The exalted are an especially nasty lot so Kati and her team face danger often. The story is full of intrigue and that is what makes this book well worth reading.

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