Friday, 16 December 2016

Miranda and the Christmas Elf

Miranda and the Christmas Elf - Free on Amazon Dec 22-26

We have a beautiful new cover for Helena Puumala's children's Christmas story, “Miranda and the Christmas Elf”, done by artist Alexandria Gardener (note: though it is billed as a children's story, adults can enjoy it too, especially if they read it to a young one at Christmas). 

The cover depicts the children discovering the magical (but curmudgeonly) Christmas Elf Lufton, who has been sent by the Magical Authorities to assist the little girl Miranda, to overcome the various obstacles in her young life.

The story is set in the Christmas splendor of a Northern Ontario rural lakeside community.  It features Helena Puumala's wonderful way with emotionally rich, yet optimistic family drama.

The story is about 9000 words, and costs only 99 cents U.S. (or equivalent, in other national currencies), a nice Kindle stocking stuffer for a child (or an adult with a child).  Note that it is free over the Christmas week - a Christmas gift to our readers.

The cover is by artist Alexandria Nike Gardener, who has also done children’s’ book illustrations for several titles, as well as other amazing artwork.  Her web page is linked below.  Check out "Maddie Goes to London".

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