Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Christmas Miracle at the Lake promotion, #2 on, #4,5 on

Helena Puumala's A Christmas Miracle at the Lake has done well as a free promotion over the past 4 or 5 days.  It is #2 in a couple of relevant categories in the U.K., and #4 or #5 in the U.S. store.  It has held those positions pretty steadily over the Christmas season.

Interestingly, it has improved every day at the U.K site, a doubling function, or better. Perhaps that is because it has some echoes of Dickens' A Christmas Carol,although it is also very different and very 21st century.  It has also done well in Germany, considering that it is written in English.  Both of those countries have a strong tradition of Christmas literature, so it is nice to see readers are picking up the story.

It has also done well in the U.S., though not quite as strongly as it has across the pond.  Perhaps that is just a matter of a more competition in the States? Or perhaps the romance of the wintry Christmas miracle story is not as entrenched as it in north-western Europe.

Then again, it might pick up in the U.S. as the day goes on.  I have noticed this in the past, where results on the U.K. store lead the U.S. store in time.  Partly, that is just a matter if time zones, but one always wonders what Amazon's algorithms might be doing in the background.

There are some interesting results in the comparison of "Also Boughts" and "Also Viewed" in the two countries, but that can wait for another blog.

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