Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Dodecahedron Books

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and a pleasant holiday season in general.  We will do our usual Friday blog later in the week, which will delve into some interesting results from Amazon’s Top 100 Kindle books list.  But for now here is a Christmas wish list:

·         For writers who want to be traditionally published – here’s hoping your query letter strikes gold and you find that agent.

·         For writers who are self-publishing or indie publishing – here’s hoping you finish that novel, polish it up nicely and put it up on the various ebook sites.  Maybe you can do a shelfie too (i.e. a paperback that can live on a shelf).  And here’s hoping your sales are a pleasant surprise.

·         For a certain special writer – keep up the stories, the world needs more Kati (and Mikal and Sarah and everyone else that you come up with).

·         For big publishing houses – best of luck in managing this transition.

·         For independent publishers – even more best of luck in taking advantage of all the new opportunities available during this transition.

·         For bookstores – best of luck in managing the transition, too.  It is still nice to have you around, even if you only carry a small proportion of the books out there.

·         For artists – here’s hoping you get to do lots of cover art.

·         For Dodecahedron’s artists – continued success with your amazing artwork, for us and in all your other artistic endeavors.

·         For our astrophysics consultant – here’s hoping for a nice postdoc and/or faculty position (or equivalent in job satisfaction).

·         For our beta readers Kaye, Ken and Karlyn – many thanks for your help and here’s hoping we can carry on the collaboration.  And keep writing Karlyn.

·         For our Dodecahedron Books readers – thanks for choosing our books and we hope that you will continue to follow Kati, Mikal, Sarah, Coryn and all the rest in the future (plus some we haven’t even thought of yet).

·         For readers in general  – here’s hoping you find lots of entertaining books, regardless of whether you prefer ebook or print book (and please read lots J).

·         For anyone I forgot (even those who don’t read many books) – have a great holiday and a prosperous new year.

Oh, and look, here’s Kati of Terra, helping Santa deliver gifts on a world that looks strangely like London of the mid nineteenth century.   Isn’t parallel evolution wonderful?   Plus, there’s Kordean psychic Dian, wishing Earthlings a happy new year.  By a strange coincidence, the Kordean New Year’s Eve falls on the same night as Earth’s does.


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